The House of WG

A drive into work for the Whimsical Gatherings team means heading towards a unique destination tucked away in the outskirts of Maryville, TN.  We don’t fight for parking or take elevators to get to our office.  In fact, we don’t have offices.  We have room to roam outdoors and a private design space that sits in the center of an 80 acre farm alongside a rolling creek.  When you come through our gate, you may be greeted by a herd of cattle or grumbling turkeys.  You may stop and think you’ve made a wrong turn, but you will be delighted by everything the House of WG soon has to offer.  The rocks crawl in moss from spring rain and prickly thistle sprout in the summer sun.  It is forever changing at the House of WG and forever inspiring us to renew ourselves and our artistic direction.

We consider it a blessing to have a private area to work in and a serene landscape to work around.  We don’t have phones that ring at the studio and our cell phones only get reception at work half of the time.  This lack of typical workplace distraction keeps us lost in our craft.  Week to week we have buckets and coolers to clean, flowers to unpack and arrange, inventory to organize, floors to sweep, and meetings with clients.  We also take time to open doors to let in the wind, plug our ipods in to listen to our favorite music, and it is not uncommon for us to chop down branches, pull thistle, or utilize vines and wild flowers from the property in our designs.

There are times when work has us moving in different directions but the rise of spring reminds us to pool our energies together to prepare for weddings and summer gatherings.  We will be busy over the next couple of months and it will be hard to track us down.  Jude may be working on marketing materials or delivering floral arrangements while Colby is picking up flower shipments or gathering branches from the woods.  Leah may be teaching fashion design students or placing product orders while Carrie meets with clients or conducts site visits.  We look forward to working with so many great people this year, traveling and designing at different locations, and sharing our work with others.  Amazing projects and plans are underway at the House of WG and we hope to bring inspiration to others in ways that so many things have inspired us.Whimsical GatheringsWhimsical GatheringsWhimsical GatheringsWhimsical GatheringsWG farm Collage New Filter For additional views of our workspace, you can click through some of our previously posted albums.  Just as the seasons change and inspiration around our studio evolves, our front room changes with the paths that creativity leads us to.  You will see different versions of the House of WG through these links and since our studio is like a second home, there are some shoots that are especially close to our hearts.

Leah’s daughter’s Chanel inspired 8th birthday party shot in WG’s front room. 

Jude’s family photos shot on WG’s property.

Carrie’s wedding featuring thistle that grows wild on WG’s property.

Colby’s paper dress designs shot on WG’s front porch.

                There are also several other albums on our Facebook page shot at the House of WG:

Whimsical Romance, Spring Tree, Maps, White Paper

If you are planning a corporate event, soiree, vow renewal, wedding, or holiday party, email to discuss details!

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