A Holiday Home Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2 of our “Christmas in July” inspirational special focused more on larger living room and dining room spaces using traditional design elements.  Today, Part 3 shows a fun DIY design that you can utilize in a small space.  Using extra ornaments or elements from other decorated areas, you can quickly toss together a bit of color and fun in your entry way, laundry room, or even the bathroom as seen here.  With this design, we used leftover wrapping paper and fashioned them into paper flowers.  We took extra tissue paper to make pom poms, covered books with bright yellow paper, and converted old paint chips into hanging ornaments.  Stay tuned because Part 4 will be coming your way tomorrow!

If you are planning a corporate event, soiree, vow renewal, wedding, or holiday party, email carrie@whimsicalgatherings.com to discuss details!

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All of the photos above were captured by John Black Photography.

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