Paper Dress Designs Album Teaser

To know Colby West, our Head Designer, is to love him…and his designs.  He is beyond resourceful and has an unrivaled talent to create amazing designs with whatever is laying before him (not just flowers!)  Take these cardboard packaging materials, fruit netting, and book pages for example.  When these were created, we had no idea what a trend paper would become.  Somehow Colby knew though, and we thank him!  We are proud to have such a talented, forward thinking designer on our team!  If you have been to our studio, you have seen these on display for the past few years.  Colby hasn’t stopped.  He is always creating something new.  We hope to share much more of his incredible work with you again soon!  You won’t want to miss this album.  Click the photos to see more!

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The photos above were captured by Moss & Isaac, a New York based photography team.  You can view more of their portfolio on the web.

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