New-Fashioned Rustic

Want to incorporate some earthiness into your modern wedding or event décor?  If a rustic glam theme is what you desire, here are a few of our designs to help you dream.  We think using wild flowers, weeds, and plants from your own backyard can add just the touch to “wow” your guests!

These designs feature Musk Thistle, also known as Carduus (latin for thistle).  These bold and prickly weeds are surrounded by soft and fuzzy Dusty Miller foliage.  Placed in a crystal beaded vase atop a mirrored table with a chicken wire overlay, you can’t go wrong!

This amazing bouquet of roses incorporates chestnut shells.  The thorny outer defense presents itself just before opening to reveal the hearty nut.  These can be sprayed with color and added to a modern table design as well.

These tall apothecary jars hold Allium Gigantum which is an edible flower with an odorous smell similar to that of an onion.  Contained within these jars along with fern shoots, moss and Craspedia (also known as Billy Balls), you will avoid the odor but enjoy a contrasting bed of color for your event.

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More photos from two of the shoots above will be featured soon!

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