Thinking Outside the Bouquet

When we meet with a client about an event, we usually talk about what they like; colors, flowers, style, accessories. There is also a framework of tables & attendees, whether the event is indoors or outdoors, and what type of natural or artificial lighting will be present. When you book Whimsical Gatherings though, you get so much more than bouquets and centerpieces! Once we get the basics on paper, the dreaming begins! We love to design. You know that. We also love to dream up unique WOW-factors and focal pieces for your event. We have a huge play room (some call it storage) with vases, boxes, candles, fabrics, ribbons, crystals, rhinestones, paper, tables, mirrors, balls, branches, even broken mirror & glass pieces…you get the idea! This inventory allows us to test ideas so we can custom-create new and fabulous things. It’s also not above us to hike the woods around our studio to chop branches, cut thorny thistle, or gather leaves. This is what makes our “work” (I put that in quotes because when you love what you do, it’s not really work) fun and rewarding. You want your special day to be beautiful. You want your event to be unforgettable. We want this too! Often times you see detail shots of our work with ribbons, pins, crystals, berries, and even textured leaves added to bouquets…but we want to show you something BIG! This post highlights the use of Magnolia leaves. It also shows you how we can create a BIG effect at your event with a custom chandelier. Some say “it’s the small things”, but we think it’s both the small and BIG things that make your event swoon-worthy. You hire us to set the backdrop for your event. This includes, not just what sits on the table or what you hold in your hand, but the entire environment. Needless to say…we want to give people something to talk about! Magnolia is a great plant that can add warmth and depth to your holiday and/or home décor. Yes, the flowers (when in bloom) are gorgeous but don’t deny the luscious greenery! You can even spray paint the leaves with gold or silver metallic paint (trust me, we’ve done it!) and use as garland with ornaments or red bows. In the photos here, you see a classic use of Magnolia with the simple addition of mirror pieces, mercury balls, glass bobbles filled with votive candles, and crystal pendants. Both designs, though different in their drama, add just the right effect for the atmosphere of each venue. Tell us what you think! We love feedback. And if you need help creating a memorable environment this holiday season for your employees, friends, or houseguests, give Whimsical Gatherings a call! If you happen to have or know of someone with a Magnolia tree as well… let’s talk!

Photos were taken by Tara of Dixie Pixel Photography at two different wedding receptions we recently designed in Knoxville. Dixie Pixel Photography is the recipient of the Best Wedding Photographer 2011 Award from CityView Magazine! See more of her work at

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