House of WG

Our design studio is nestled on a farm in Maryville. At first this seemed like such a strange concept. Especially when i was greeted by the cows on our front porch. What a whimsical gathering!?

These past few years I have learned to embrace this and all the wonderful moments this business has brought about? Our location has proven to be such a precious gift. The property and our surroundings give us inspiration daily! In an industry where every event must be different we find it refreshing to have a lush and vibrant backdrop in a constant state of flux.

Each day our artists are inspired by something new. Whether it is turning a branch into a show piece or a slinky into a place card holder. Inspiration is all around us!

Today the featured element we were fortunate enough to happen upon was thistle. These little jewels will be the focus of a lavish bouquet. Last fall acorns were our little treasures. The winter brought us amazing 12′ trees we dripped with crystals.

We are thankful for the time to grab moments to explore nature’s bounty! I am continually amazed by the stunning elements we discover. Who knows what might grace our next design.

What elements inspire you? What would you love to see incorporated into our designs? We would love to hear from you and your source of inspiration.

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